Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Business Broadband - Office in a box

Office In A Box Only RM198
Convenient, big on value, low on cost - subscribe to Office in a Box™ today!
• Only @ RM198
• 1Mbps Businnes Broadband
• FREE Wireless modem lifetime warranty
• RM88 worth of call value
• Free Cordless phone
• 1 Streamyx Zone ID
• 1 GB e-storage

Office In A Box Plus Only RM248
More features and better value for your business! Subscribe to Office in a Box™ Plus today!
• Only @ RM248
• 1Mbps Business Broadband
• FREE wireless modem lifetime warranty
• 2 BBPhone accounts
• FREE business line monthly rental
• FREE ATA set
• Custom email address
• 2 Streamyx ZONE ID
• 10 GB e-storage
• FREE Infoblast (100 SMS)
• Internet security

Fixed IP Packege
ADSL 1Mbps to 4Mbps 30% discount saves you up to RM12,168 a year*
• FREE wireless modem, 1GB storage, 1 month subscription fee
• Zero entry cost (Waived Installation & Activation Cost worth RM163)
• FREE 1GB e-Storage
• 5 IPs at 4Mbps package
• Offer valid via online subscription only
Learn about the many benefits your business will gained from using a fixed IP.